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Dr. Si Delivered Speech on Academic Seminar
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Academic Seminar on English Teaching Reform and Development was held in International Convention Center of FLTRP on October19th and 20th. More than 1000 participants gathered at this grand meeting, including leaders of Ministry of Education, experts and scholars in foreign language education, directors of Foreign Language Department of Higher Education Institutions and highly achieved language teachers. Professor Si Xianzhu, president of SLCS and Doctor Liu Xiaohui, dean of English Department were specially invited to attend the seminar.

This seminar had a full discussion on the challenge and opportunity in English teaching under new situation and pooled wisdom and ideas to carry forward teaching innovation and talents cultivation.

As a member of Subcommittee for Teaching and Instruction in English of Higher Education and Institutions, Dr. Si Xianzhu addressed the meeting and delivered a speech on teaching reform practice to enhance students’ specialty qualities and language using ability based on SLCS achievements. Dr. Si’s speech triggered heated discusscions. The attendants endowed our teaching reform with approval and postive evaluation.

This academic seminar was instructive and meaningful to English teaching and development for Higher Education and Institutions.

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