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IWD’s celebration
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With the International Women’s day drawing near, Gong Hui in SLCS had held various kinds of celebrations for female teachers.

Incense ceremony\

The incense ceremony, as well as the tea ceremony and ikebana, belongs to the Three Fine Art. On March 3rd afternoon, Fu Zhen, the manager of the Chinese Incense Ceremony Association and one of the first national incense Sifu, was invited to give lectures about the Incense ceremony. During the time, Fu Zhen introduced to female teachers present the origin of the incense ceremony and showed them the daily use of incense and the culture background as well. The lecture’s most interesting part came when Fu Zhen Sifu burned shaped incense in a way called Da Xiangzhuan and let the teachers enjoy the scent. This experience was both benefit and fresh to all. In the end, Fu Zhen quoted The Ten Fine Qualities of Incense by Huang Tingjian, a famous Chinese writer in Song Dynasty, who had highly summarized the incense’s features and functions and whose work has given the teachers a whole view of this fine art. The memory of this lecture won’t easily fade.

Each teacher’s recipe\

On the afternoon of March 7th, female teachers enjoyed a cooking event to celebrate the coming IWD. Each teacher prepared her own special dish and altogether they made a square meal. More than thirty dishes were on the table, including main courses, salads, desserts and soup. Those teachers enjoyed their time together talking and eating. What a great pleasure!

BJ Women’s celebration on March 8th\

On March 8th, the BJ Women Union’s theatrical festival was held in BJTU with women from all parts of Beijing participating in and five young female Spanish and Portuguese teachers in SLCS joined in the activity. They gave their performance by reading in five different languages the poem To the Oak by Shu Ting, a famous Chinese poetess. This poem represented the independent spirit in all female teachers which inspired them to live a self-reliant life.

To live healthily

From March 3rd to 7th, SLCS invited a postgraduate from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine to provide consulting service for teachers. Also SLCS has bought a Digital Therapy Machine and a Micro Computer Pulse Treatment for the benefit of its teachers.

There are 112 female teachers in SLCS to the present and they take 75% percentage of the whole staff. Each of them is responsible for 458 hours’ lectures each year in average. Due to the large proportion of female teachers, SLCS has held many recreational and sports activities especially for female teachers and has created an atmosphere in which these highly cultivated women can work and live positively and happily. In this year’s commendation on IWD, the Division of English Language Teaching for Undergraduates was titled Beijing Red Flag Community by BJ Women Union. Professor Jiang Xueqing was honored with the title “Jinguo (brave and honored women) of BJTU”. Xu Jie and her husband got the title “Biyishuangfei (good couple with firm relationship) Model Couple”.

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