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Closing Ceremony of the 7th English Cultural Festival at BJTU
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At seven o’clock on the evening of March 9th, the 7th English Cultural Festival held by SLCS and assisted by BJTU Foreign Language Association held its closing ceremony at Tianyou Hall, announcing the successful completion of the cultural activities lasting for nearly two months.


Excellent performances had been presented to the audience. There was a nunchakus show performed with nunchakus, one of traditional Chinese weapons. It marked the beginning of this evening. The following program was May It Be, a poem recitation, in which good wishes and cautions were conveyed about human life journey. Then students were amused by the English plays adapted from Cinderella andthe Peacock Flies to the Southeast, an ancient Chinese love story. Dubbing, as an indispensable part of the ceremony, followed the plays and continued to amaze students present. Of course, songs could never fail to interest young people. There were old melodies, pop tones and mixture as well. In the end, it was an award time and the ceremony came to a temporary close with next year’s festival awaiting.


This is the greatest festival in Jiaoda with both its scale and influence. This festival is to and does attract students with interests in English, both language and culture. Hundreds of students had joined in all kinds of activities organized, including the ceremony’s hosts’ selection, English play contests, English movie dubbing, English poem recitation, and English song singing. Good atmosphere and passion arose by this festival shall last though it has come to an end for this year. And next year will witness still another two months’ celebration.


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