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Director Yu Fan Was Invited to Give a Lecture
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Yu Fan, the director of Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China was invited to give a lecture on “Happy Spring Festival, a new desk for the internationalization of traditional Chinese culture”. And on the afternoon of 16th May, at half past two, as the starter of the series of “Learn from Learned” the lecture was given in the Science Hall by SLCS and Yu Fan has much experience in the culture exchange with the other countries and rich knowledge about foreign culture exchange policies.

Yu Fan took “Happy Spring Festival”, the carrier of traditional Chinese culture, as his topic and pointed out that the development of culture exchange should take into consideration responses from both the domestic and overseas markets and that the cultural products must be made so as to be accepted and understood by customers. Also Yu Fan introduced the activity’s background information such as its origin, present and future development, and he talked further about its potential possibilities of internationalization including Spring Festival’s features, nature, influences and domestic and international demands. The international prosperity of “Happy Spring Festival”, according to Yu Fan, represents China’s soft power and foreign countries’ acceptance of central elements in Chinese culture such as Great Harmony, human relations and Way of Heaven. In order to get better access to audiences, Yu Fan used not only theoretical explanation but also specific examples. And his lecture won warm applauses from the audience.

In the end, Yu Fan exchanged opinions with students and teachers present and explained several major concepts such as the localization within the process of cultural products’ internationalization, the products’ possible limits revealed and the relations between culture and politics.

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