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UMA’s Return Visit to SLCS
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On the morning of October 13th 2014, Ms. Susana Yeto, the vice dean of International Student Affair Office in Universidad de Malaga in Spain, Mr. Gaspar Bernal, the vice dean of Spanish Language Center and Professor Elena Navarro, Spanish teacher in SLC arrived at BJTU. Si Xianzhu, SLCS Dean, received them warmly.

Dr. Si first expressed his welcome to guests from Spain. He introduced SLCS’s majors and programs, teaching and research achievements. Dr. Si said that after Deputy Dean Yang Ruodong’s visit to UMA in September, both sides expressed their strong interest in cooperation. Dr. Si hopes that through this return visit, UMA and SLCS can get better understanding of each other and meet and talk about specific details on cooperation upon which further contract signing can be based. Mr. Gaspar Bernal, in return, gave detailed information about UMA, including international students’ life and study there. He also expressed his expectation for the cooperation of the two institutions.

In the long talk for two full hours, they decided to cooperate in the following three projects: undergraduates exchange project, through which students from SLCS can study in UMA for at least one semester and learn Spanish language as well as local culture and students from UMS’s East Asia major are also allowed to be in SLCS to study Chinese and oriental culture; “English/Spanish + Tourism Management” dual degree project, in which both schools admit the credit in concerned courses; “Spanish/Culture 4+1 undergraduate to postgraduate” dual degree project, besides which UMA also welcome students from SLCS’s Spanish major to come to UMA for further study. Also, UMA side expressed their willingness to send students for study and the possibility to run a cooperative Confucius Institute.

Deputy Dean Yang, Dr. Liu Xiaohui, Chair of English Department, Liang Jing, Chair of Spanish Department, Wang Chengxu, Chair of Portuguese Department and Zhang Xin, the principal in the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange attended the meeting.

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