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School of Languages and Communication Studies
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\The School of Languages and Communication Studies (SLCS) of Beijing Jiaotong University is composed of the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Communication Studies, the Department of European and Asian Languages, the Division of English Language Teaching for Undergraduates, the Division of English Languages Teaching for Graduates as well as the Center of Professional Translation and Interpretation Education. The SLCS also has under it a media center for foreign languages teaching and five institutes in language studies, foreign literatures, translation studies, communication studies and culture industry studies. It has more than 130 faculty and staff members. Over 500 students are currently registered in the undergraduate and graduate programs of study in the SLCS.

The SLCS offers master degree programs in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, English language and literature, and journalism and communication studies as well as bachelor degree programs in English language, Spanish language and communication studies. 

The SLCS has recently scored great achievements in English language teaching for undergraduates. The course “College English” offered by the SLCS for the non-English undergraduates of Beijing Jiaotong University has won a first-class award at the level of Beijing City and a second-class award at the national level. The course is entitled the honors of “Excellent College English Course in Beijing” and “Excellent College English Course in China”.

The faculty members of the SLCS have published many textbooks and scholarly monographs and dozens of academic papers in leading international and national journals. They have undertaken several important teaching reform and research programs supported by the Ministry of Education. The communication studies faculty members lead the country in culture industry research.

The SLCS has been actively engaged in both national and international academic exchange and cooperation and has forged cooperative and friendly ties with both its national and international partners such as City University of Hong Kong, Flinders University in Australia, Montclair State University in New Jersey and Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts in the United States, Queen Mary, University of London in UK, and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain.

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