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\◎ The Department of English Language and Literatures


The Department of English Language and Literature is committed to providing an excellent undergraduate program leading to Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English.

The program for undergraduate English majors aims to enhance students’ knowledge of English language and literature and foster their abilities in oral and written communication in English. Through engaging in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English and appreciation of English and American literatures, as well as cultures of English-speaking countries in the first and second years of their study, students in this major will develop an understanding of the history and background of English and British and American literatures. Within the English major, students will choose to pursue a concentration either in English language and literature, international business or English-Chinese translation in their third and fourth years.

This background prepares English majors to enter diverse careers or to pursue graduate study. Graduates of the Department of English Language and Literature of Beijing Jiaotong University have achieved success in a wide variety of occupations including teaching, government service, publishing and business administration, etc.

The department has 23 faculty members, of whom there are 5 professors, 10 associate professors and 8 lecturers. Over 60% of the faculty members have pursued their further studies in universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc.

◎ The Department of European and Asian Languages

The Department of European and Asian Languages offers courses in Japanese, Russian, German, French and Spanish languages as second foreign language courses for undergraduates and postgraduates of Beijing Jiaotong University. The department also provides an undergraduate program leading to BA degree in Spanish. The department is joined by 14 teachers.

The undergraduate program in Spanish aims to help students develop an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures and practical cross-culture communication skills in Chinese, Spanish and English. The department offers courses in Spanish and English reading, speaking, listening and writing, as well as translation between Chinese and Spanish, Hispanic literatures and cultures. The department has established cooperation relations with universities in the Hispanic world to provide opportunities for both students and faculty to study abroad. The department prepares students to go into a variety of careers in government service, international enterprises, education, etc. or pursue their postgraduate studies in Spanish language research, translation studies, international business, and so on.

◎ The Department of Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies provides an undergraduate program, which aims to provide a pragmatic instruction to educate inter-disciplinary intellectuals with the emphasis on the combination of a solid foundation of communication theories with a sound understanding of a wider context of humanities, social sciences and sciences and the application of those studies in interpersonal, intercultural and corporate settings. The education of the department focuses on cross-cultural communication, visual communication, Internet communication, marketing communication, business communication, journalism communication, culture innovation and culture industry, etc.

The department trains students in the areas of media studies, radio, video, television, and journalism and strives to foster the student’s ability to apply theories to the practice in the field of communication and their professional lives. It prepares students for careers in marketing, advertising, public relations and other intercultural communication affairs in domestic and international corporations, governmental development organizations, industry planning and economic administration departments. The undergraduate study in communication can also assist the student in pursuing advanced studies in communications and related disciplines including Journalism, Business Administration and Social Sciences.

The department has 9 teachers. Among them, there are 2 professors and 2 associate professors. Eight teachers have doctorate degrees.

◎ The Division of English Language Teaching for Undergraduates

The Division of English Language Teaching for Undergraduates currently comprises 59 staff members. The percentage of professors and associate professors of the division is about 20 %. Over 70 % of its faculty members have the experience in pursuing advanced study in overseas universities. The division offers a wide range of courses in English language to the first- and second-year undergraduates of Beijing Jiaotong University.

Adhering to the motto of our university, “To know and to practice”, the division keeps uplifting its teaching philosophy by putting into practice the brand-new Computer- and Classroom-based Multimedia College English Teaching model. After 10 years of endeavor in the teaching model reform focusing on the extensive use of advanced information technology, our team has achieved great accomplishments both in developing students’ ability to use English in an all-round way and in improving its staff’s teaching skills and academic competence, and consequently, has been awarded at the national level by the Ministry of Education. The honors are as follows: “National Excellent College English Course”, “Model School of College English Teaching and Reform”, “Outstanding College English Teaching Team”, and “the Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement.”

◎ The Division of English Language Teaching for Postgraduates

The Division of English Language Teaching for Postgraduates shoulders the responsibility of teaching language learning courses for about 3, 000 non-English major postgraduates and doctoral students of the whole university every year. Among its 10 staff members, 6 are associate professors, 2 have doctor’s degrees and 11 have studied or worked abroad for some time.

Besides fulfilling the daily teaching tasks, the division has been devoted to teaching reform and academic research. We have successfully undertaken the reform projects funded by the Association of the Degree and Postgraduate Education in China and the Association of English Teaching Research to Postgraduate Students in Beijing. The model of English teaching for postgraduates in Beijing Jiaotong University has greatly improved thanks to the exploration and commitment of our faculty members in conducting these research projects. The division embraces the language teaching principle of cultivating students’ abilities of language use and their initiatives of independent study by combining in-class and extracurricular activities in a reasonable way. This teaching principle has gained the recognition of the participants of the annual seminar on English Teaching for Postgraduates in Beijing hosted by Beijing Jiaotong University in 2006.

The teachers in the division have developed an atmosphere of helping and learning from each other to achieve progress at the same time. This is a harmonious and promising group in which everyone works and makes contributions happily.

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