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Graduate Academic Programs
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◎Master Program in Foreign Language and Literature

The School of Languages and Communication Studies master program in foreign language and literature provides a rich and rigorous curriculum taught by a highly qualified faculty that includes scholars of national reputation. There are two areas of study under this program, namely, the Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well as English Language and Literature. Under the two areas, we have concentrations on translation studies on translation theories and practice, linguistic theories and application, stylistics and literary work analysis, British and American literature, literary criticism theories, literary translation studies, etc.

Students develop skills that benefit them in the worlds of teaching and researching of English and literature, or working in other fields related to English language communication.

◎Master Program in Journalism and Communication

Our graduate program in journalism and communication is designed to produce graduates who have a solid grounding in journalism and communication theories and knowledge, strong teamwork spirit, creative thinking and great practice ability in media communication. After completing the program, the students may qualify for both teaching and doing research in institutions of higher learning or working in a variety of fields such as media, advertising, marketing and public relations and so on.
The curriculum includes communication theories, communication research methodologies, media industry studies, culture industry studies, media policies and laws, new report studies, radio broadcasting and television communication studies. There are two concentrations under this program, theoretical communication and applied communication.

◎Master Program in Translation and Interpreting

The goal of our master program in translation and interpreting is to produce proficient bilinguals with a high standard of the linguistic, technical and professional skills, knowledge and capabilities to work as translator in a variety of fields, particularly in the field of high-speed railway transportation. Students will be equipped with a foundation of theories in translation and practical translating skills. They also have the opportunity to select from a range of electives in specialist translation courses in business, technical, literature and so on. The education model of this program is based on regular classroom teaching, simulation of translation practice as well as field translation work in related enterprises or institutions.

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